A New “Chinese Democracy” Track: Maybe This Thing Is Happening After All


Rumors about the eventual release of Chinese Democracy, the years-in-the-making album by Axl Rose and the guys he’s referring to as Guns N Roses these days, have been growing more insistent in recent weeks. In the strongest piece of evidence that the album might be released before Appetite For Destruction gets the 25th-anniversary treatment, there’s a snippet of a new song, “Black Sheep” “Better,” in a a new Harley-Davidson ad. We’re lukewarm on the track, to be honest, but we’re happy to report that the commercial is much more watchable than the video for “Estranged.”

UPDATE: Harley-Davidson has taken the ad using “Better” off of its site, replacing it with one soundtracked by “Paradise City,” but an enterprising YouTuber has put the original ad up here.

TV Commercials | Black Sheep [harley-davidson.com]Harley Davidson ad “Black Sheep” w/GNR [YouTube]