Nu-Metalheads Continue Most Irrelevant Band-Beef Of All Time

Oct 20th, 2006 // 7 Comments

mushroomhead.jpgWhat? You mean you don’t know about the bad blood between clownish hard-rock band Slipknot and the only slightly more clownish hard-rock band Mushroomhead? You must not be a pissed-off 13-year-old. Here’s the scoop:

Steve Felton is sick of talking about Slipknot — but he can’t help it. The subject inevitably comes up whenever the Mushroomhead drummer talks to a reporter. Ah, the inefficient, catch-up playing They’re like the 98 Degrees of music-news sites.

“They’re the ‘NSYNC of heavy metal,” Felton said, sighing. “They’re a fabricated, label-made bullsh– band. They’re way more corporate than anyone knows.”

What he doesn’t understand is that, in keeping with music-feud analogies, that would make Mushroomhead the Backstreet Boys of heavy metal–a boost of superiority, mind you, albeit a likely unintentional one.

Anyway, we wish we could give you more info on this feud, but’s annoying new layout cuts the story off after a few hundred words.

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  1. nh_dave

    God mtv sucks… I remember hearing on FMU a guy acting like a ‘mask metal’ manager calling Slipknot to do shows. Was taunting the guy with “yeah I can’t really listen to music unless I am wearing my mask”.

  2. Wasp vs Stryper

    So if the lead singer of Mushroomhead starts a decent albeit much softer band as a side project and goes on Family Values Tour, ala Corey Taylor of Slip Knot and his new band, Stone Sour, what would the analogy be? Anyone, anyone?

  3. FionaScrapple

    Ah, Nu-Metal is just about finished and all that’s left to do is make sure it never happens again…like the Reconstruction, only much more thorough.

  4. chaircrusher

    I don’t really have an opinion about Slipknot’s usic per se, but anyone who dogs them for not being inauthentic is just stupid.

    I live in Iowa, and saw them play long before they blew up nationally. We used to give Sid $100 to come over and spin Drum & Bass in Iowa City. Back when they were just another Iowa band playing for the door and free drinks, they were doing basically the same thing they do now. The fact that they still live in Des Moines, perhaps the most crapulent metropolis in the Midwest, just shows that they still keep it real.

  5. zibby

    I know these guys are supposed to be so scary that they scare themselves, so why is it they make most people chuckle? Oh, right…it must be nervous laughter…

  6. Chris

    Mushroomhead was doing showswith Manson before Slipknot even signed thier first Album. These two bands have no beef with each other, when Paul Gray died Mushroomhead where very sympathetic and offered thier condolences to the band. The fans and media are the people that try and start $hit. Just like everything else in the world, the media and people are the problem, not creative self folowing minds.

  7. Tyt

    I know Steve Felton cuz his so

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