Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed

Oct 20th, 2006 // Comment

pitchfork.jpgOnce again, our readers have proven adept at the Pitchfork smell test. A hefty 44% of you picked out our decoy sentence–“With its many Canadian influences, the album is like an Arcade Fire sale.”–in this week’s edition of Pick of the ‘Fork. Sure, we’re now batting .333, and that’s fine for a baseball player, but it’s killing our self-esteem. We’re going to have to start bringing in ringers. (We should also probably stop putting links to Pitchfork in our poll posts, too, since that just invites cheating.)

The other candidates, and their ratings and tallies:

“…meaningless nuggets of Dr. Phil babble that would even have Zach Braff’s eyes rolling.” Badly Drawn Boy, Born in the UK (2.8 from Ryan Dombal, and 25% of the vote)

“Wardrobe-restaging the first few TLC videos does not a revolution make.” Klaxons, Xan Valleys (7.7 from William Bowers, and 19% of the vote)

“[They] make a show of sloppy-cum-cute, like a cross between Pavement and the soundtrack to a Peanuts cartoon.” Alan Singley and Pants Machine, Lovingkindness (6.9 from Jason Crock, and 12% of the vote)

See you next week!



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