Outro: Don’t Forget To Free Slick Rick Over The Weekend

Oct 20th, 2006 // Comment

slick.jpg-We know there’s an immigration problem, but does the U.S. government really need to deport one of hip-hop’s greats?
-Remembering YouTube: People always say such nice things about you after you die.
-Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Elton John populate the most annoying sick ward of all time.
-Music bloggers like to argue about other music bloggers? Who knew?
-Nick Sylvester demonstrates the continuing decline of higher education.
-Don’t fut wit the Claymates.
-Sting somehow manages to make the lute even less sexy.
-Strangely, Kim Jong’s music picks don’t include “World Leader Pretend.”
-Morningwood: This has to be a joke, right?
-And lest you think we’re above trolling for easy page-view traffic: Boobies!


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