Dance Fever: Deerhoof Inspires Endearing Hoofers

Oct 23rd, 2006 // 1 Comment

deerhoof.jpegWhen we were in grade school, the closest our music teachers got to cool was teaching us how to sing all the parts of Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time.” The hip quotient is slightly higher in North Haven, Maine, where two teachers have orchestrated and choreographed a ballet based on Deerhoof’s 2004 album Milk Man:

The concept album, which is based on the artwork of Japanese artist Ken Kagami, tells a Pied Piper-like fairy tale and has never been performed in this manner before. The Milk Man Ballet will incorporate costumes, movement, and scenery, along with live musical performance, to tell the story.

The ballet debuts tonight at 7:30 p.m.; it goes without saying that we’re going to start scouring YouTube for video at around 9. (And if you happen to be in the North Haven area, by all means send along a review.)

Deerhoof – Gigadance [MP3, link expired]
Kill Rock Stars/5RC Artist, Deerhoof, visit North Haven for world premiere of Milk Man Ballet [Village Soup, via The Yellow Stereo]


  1. h. ross piroshky

    my elementary school did a “We Are The World” sing-along, but this is way cooler.

    that is some of my favorite album artwork ever.

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