Tower Records: This Week’s Nostalgia-Tripping Round-Up

Oct 23rd, 2006 // 3 Comments

-Glenn Branca speaks ill of the dead: “It was just a complete shithole. I went across the street to Other Music to get my stuff when I wanted to go to a record store.” [New York Magazine]
-A lengthy collection of customer recollections, including one guy who compares Tower’s relevancy to that of buggy whips. Zing! [SFGate]
-The worst part about the store on Sunset closing? No more free parking. [L.A. Times]


  1. Dan Gibson

    If you’ve ever tried to park on Sunset, you’re aware that the loss of that lot is truly a tragedy.

  2. brasstax

    Branca may be right about this, but the guy sure has an assholish way about him.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    I made my second pilgrimage over the weekend to Tower (4th & Bwy) for Phase II of the sale — 20% off, like Pengin said. Unlike him, I think I came out ahead on the two CDs and the DVD I picked up; the savings weren’t staggering, and on a Black Keys CD I suppose I could’ve equaled the price at Amazon, but my 25th-anniversary London Calling boxset was cheaper than Amazon, as was my special edition Midnight Cowboy DVD. As Dave Chappelle would say, ya gotta pick your spots.

    While chatting up a friendly register clerk, I learned that this Tower, at least, plans to be open through about mid-December, and that there’s value in checking back from time to time even as vultures pick the carcass clean: “This is one of the only locations making money,” he said, “so they’re restocking this one from the warehouse.” Good news, which means when they get down to 30% there might still actually be stuff worth buying.

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