Toby Keith Votes Yes On “Amerigasm,” No On Sarcasm

keithguitar.jpgA few weeks ago, our hot-rodding pals over at Jalopnik posted an item about country oaf Toby Keith’s new ads for Ford trucks. The commercials were so throbbingly patriotic that the ‘Niks had to make up a new word just to describe Keith’s auto-erotic behavior, and so they accurately noted that he looked as though he was having an “Amerigasm.”

Imagine our surprise, then, when Keith’s official site reprinted the headline–complete with “Amerigasm” reference–in their news section, without even the slightest trace of irony. They just accepted it as a actual, honest-to-goodness word, and you know what? Maybe we all should. In fact, Idolator would love nothing more than if “Amerigasm” were to become synonymous with Keith’s unique style of homeland superiority. And so we challenge you, oh music-media worker bees, to make this new term part of your lazy-critic lexicon: The first person to write a professional review or article mentioning Keith’s “Amerigasmic” ways will not only get our undying admiration, but they’ll also get their work posted and praised on Idolator. Bonus points for whoever can use both “Amerigasm” and “patri-erotic” in a sentence and not get fired by their editor (though we’re pretty sure that combination’s already been used a half-dozen times on Pitchfork).

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