Jason Newsted Headed For The Rock And Roll Disabled List

Oct 23rd, 2006 // 2 Comments

jn.jpgFormer Voivod/Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, who’s currently playing in the CBS-spawned supergroup Rock Star Supernova, is out of commission for a while after tearing an assortment of muscles in both of his arms:

The former METALLICA member is scheduled for immediate surgery to repair a torn anterior labrum in his left shoulder and a rotator cuff and bicep tear in the right. Newsted suffered the injuries while trying to catch a 90-pound bass head that had fallen from atop his amp. The surgery will be followed by a lengthy rehab assignment that could leave him sidelined for up to nine months.

Ouch. But a 90-pound bass head? What, did the reality-TV money not cover the cost of a few roadies?

Ex-METALLICA Bassist JASON NEWSTED Forced To Sit Out ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA Tour [Blabbermouth.net]

  1. tithe

    I take this over getting torched by a flamethrower on stage or having a perm. Or just being Lars Ulrich.

  2. AcidReign

    …..I wonder who wrote the press release. How can a head fall off an amp? The head IS the amp. It would fall off a speaker cabinet! And you’ve got to wonder how a 90 pound head got started moving, too.

    …..Of course, stacks can get run into and tipped over. That’s why I stick to the one cab, one head rule. It’s not like CBS wouldn’t buy him a new amp, anyway.

    …..So it seems the Goth Hobbit tour will be done with a replacement bassist!

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