Jury Officially Declares “The Source” Magazine To Be Full Of Knuckleheads

Oct 24th, 2006 // 2 Comments

sourcetrina.jpgWho says you can’t make money in the music-magazine industry anymore? (Actually, we do–but that’s a whole separate post): Yesterday, former Source editor Kimberly Osorio was awarded $14.5 million by a federal jury, who found that Osorio had been unfairly terminated from her job after she complained about a workplace where “executives watched porn, smoked pot and called female employees “b—–”:

But an attorney for The Source…insisted the workplace wasn’t an X-rated rap video come to life.

“It’s quiet, it’s people working hard,” said Mercedes Colwin, adding that she plans to appeal the verdict.

In her closing, Colwin admitted that four-letter words were often flung around at The Source – just not directly at Osorio. “They used the ‘f—’ word, the ‘s—’ word, the ‘damn’ word,” she said. “It was not a gender-specific conduct whatsoever.”

How reassuring! Anyway, while that $14.5 verdict may seem a little high, the fact that oddly mustached Source schnooks Benzino and David Mays will likely take some sort of financial hit from all of this balances the whole thing out. As for the magazine itself, things have clearly calmed down over there; how else to explain its new warm-and-fuzzy editorial approach?

Hip-Hop Mag Bagged
[NY Daily News]


  1. PengIn

    You know this kind of behavior will not be tolerated at Hip Hop Weekly, the worlds only bi-weekly weekly magazine devoted to hip hop.

  2. O.D.B. McDowell

    the ‘damn’ word? does it have a second part or something?

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