Pixies Return To Studio, We Return To Nostalgic Haze

Oct 24th, 2006 // 22 Comments

Frank Black has told the NME that the Pixies are ready to get in the studio and record their 15-years-later follow-up to Trompe Le Monde. While we’re not ready to make our pre-orders just yet, Black’s boast got us thinking: Which band should be the next to load up the van and hit the road?

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Pixies to begin work on new album [NME]

  1. PengIn

    What I really want is a Kyuss reunion, if only to keep John Garcia from further sullying his reputation by appearing with Danko Jones. Of the bands on the list, though, I’ll go with Fugazi as the reunion shows would only cost like $10 to see.

  2. lucasg

    i would even be happy with a slo-burn reunion!

  3. lucasg

    pengin, i would even be happy with a slo-burn reunion.

  4. lucasg

    aw, nuts.

  5. PengIn

    I’d actually be happy if American or whoever just released that Unida album. I’m afraid that one day I’ll walk into McDonald’s and it’ll be Garcia behind the counter. He’ll flip me off, turn his back to me and I’ll have to go without the chicken mcnuggets my heart and gut were set on.

  6. Slappy McJackass

    Fugazi haven’t even been broken up long enough for anyone to really miss them (then again I live DC so I’ve seen them a quadrillion times).

    I would vote for a Sugar or a Talking Heads reunion and failing any of that, please god Bill Berry rejoin R.E.M. and do whatever it takes to make them not suck anymore.

  7. Carrigart

    I was just talking about a Jawbreaker reunion this weekend. Someone will need a down payment or to pay their kid’s college or retirement. And I’ll happily overpay to see them play.

  8. the rich girls are weeping

    Now a Kyuss reunion, that would be great! In general, I loathe reunions, but in that case — and yeah, in the case of the Pixies too, I suppose it’s okay. (:

  9. O.D.B. McDowell

    R.E.M. with bill berry again? now we’re talking….

  10. mackro

    Color Me Badd!

  11. lucasg

    have you ever had a chance to talk to garcia, pengin? he’s a flighty little fellow. but i know how you feel. one has to wonder how he pays the bills these days. years ago, i heard that everyone except john garcia turned down a very large sum of money to reunite for a festival in the netherlands.

    my personal favorite diminutive vocalist will always be the pleasant and chatty neil fallon. actually all of those guys are cool, but i have never in 13 years gotten to talk to dan maines.

  12. pjrc

    technically fugazi isn’t broken up, just on “hiatus”…

    jawbreaker seems just about impossible based on some recent comments.

    my money is on pavement… maybe when they finish these reissues?

  13. PengIn

    I make it a point not to try to talk to people in bands I like on the off chance they turn out to be assholes and ruin my enjoyment of their work. That said, by all accounts Neil is top notch. Viva la Clutch!

    Another reunion I’d like to see: Soundgarden. Kim Thayil was on that No WTO thing with Jello Biafra… and that’s about it as far as I know. I suspect he does have a giant pile of cash to sit on, though.

  14. thepunkguy

    How about a Pearl Jam reunion? Right?

  15. AcidReign

    …..At the risk of ridicule, I’d vote for Extreme regrouping.

  16. any such name

    I second the “Fugazi didn’t really break up” bit. duh.

  17. Brian Raftery

    I can’t believe Jawbreaker didn’t completely own this poll.

  18. h. ross piroshky

    i’m one of those completely dorked-out Pavement fans, so i’m glad someone mentioned them already.

  19. gorillavsmarykate

    no that dog.?

    You guys are crazy.

  20. FionaScrapple

    The only reunion that matters?…The Police.

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