Passing On Pete: Why We’re On A Dohertorium

Oct 24th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Yesterday, several reputable websites broke the news that Pete Doherty and Kate Moss were having a baby together, making lots of easy gags about how their baby will be all smacked up, or hot, or whatever.

Idolator was not one of these reputable sites.

In fact, after more than a month of us doing this monkeywork, we’ve squeezed out only a handful of passing references to the Libertines singer, and here’s why: Even though he’s a go-to tabloid presence, an effort-free punchline, and a possible traffic booster, we could not give two shits about Doherty. Five shits? Maybe. But definitely not two. We just don’t understand why people continue to be fascinated about a guy whose greatest cultural contributions consist of writing a half-dozen decent Jam rip-offs and revitalizing the porkpie hat.

The “Hey, let’s laugh at the junkies” joke? Two years old. The death-pools? Three years old. The maybe-his-music-gets-better-and-this-insane-amount-of-coverage-is-retroactively-justified optimism? Dead.

We’re not trying to get on our high horse here (OMG–”high horse!” The RS Blog would love that line! OMG-”Line”!)–we’re not The Economist, and Lord knows we’re willing to dedicate plenty of resources to asinine pursuits. But let’s just find a new zinger target, please? This thing is about as fresh as a “Homey don’t play that!” screen saver.

  1. m-j

    Ah, Pete Doherty — salvation of bored Daily Mirror headline writers everywhere.

    “Babyshambles”? That’s not the name of a band. (“Screaming veal” –> now that’s a band name.)

  2. drjimmy11

    I really tried to like his music- I read all the “tortured genius” press and I wanted to believe.

    But the music has just never been particularly good or interesting.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    At a certain point, it becomes boring to defend him at every turn, so I won’t try too hard. I’ll just say that Up the Bracket is a classic debut, and while it didn’t reinvent the Jam (or the Clash or the Buzzcocks or whoever), it did have 7 or 8 brilliant tunes. The self-titled disc and Down in Albion were both inconsistent, but again, still showed a promising songwriter and charismatic frontman almost getting there.

    The music would get a lot more credit if the sideshow wasn’t so off-putting, I think.

  4. sarahblooms

    Nicely said, Bob. I always think of Doherty as this millenium’s Gallagher brothers. Music’s decent and sometimes really good, but all the other crap is nonsense.

  5. MJ

    Oooooh… It’s true… You never speak of Pete Doherty! I only realize it now. Which shows how much I miss him.

  6. Brian Raftery

    Which Gallagher brothers? The overrated Brits or the overexcitable comedians?

  7. blobby

    What’s wrong with my “Homey Don’t Play That” screensaver? I think it’s very hip and/or with it.

  8. h. ross piroshky

    Up The Bracket is the shit, though.

  9. twofivefour

    You know, I’m glad that Idolator hasn’t covered Pete Doherty. Because I’m oh-so-tired of hearing about these Voices Of The New Generation and Musical Saviours that come out of Britain every month. Pete Doherty might just capture the angst of modern teenagers, but you can’t disguise the fact that he’s out of touch with the common man’s plight – model girlfriend and huge drug habit – and that he’s no musical genius on either end of the scale. Leave the “gritty realism” to The Arctic Monkeys, who can at least keep their image intact for another 6 months.

    Although you missed a prime opportunity to link to the rumour that The KLF are responsible for “inventing” Pete Doherty, but have washed their hands of him.

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