The Great Rock And Roll Swindle: Still In Effect On eBay

Oct 24th, 2006 // Comment

swindle.jpgAs if we needed more proof that there’s a sucker born every minute, and that most of them have Internet access, someone actually paid £11,000 (about $20,700) for an eight-word song lyric. The money-making words?

“And when you’re lost, you’ll always be found”

We weren’t going to say that the “winner” of this auction got robbed, but then we found his eBay profile, and we saw that he dropped more than $6,000 on a guitar. Sure, that seems like a lot–until you realize that it’s a mere third of what this guy paid for a single, not-even-that-quotable lyric. Perhaps he should stick to instrumentals for now?

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