Courtney Love Vs. Courtney Love: A Handy Guide

Oct 24th, 2006 // 4 Comments

The Music Slut made a wee faux pas earlier this week when she posted “Uncrushworthy,” a song from the long-departed indiepop band Courtney Love, as an addendum to a post about Courtney Love, the former Hole lead singer/eternal headline grabber. We know we promised to cut it out regarding overexposed tabloid fodder, but we also want people to give Courtney Love the band proper credit. This roundup at should help clear up the numerous differences between the quiet pop duo and Kurt Cobain’s widow, and we’ve also included two MP3s for further clarification.

Courtney Love – Don’t Mix The Colors [MP3, link expired]
Hole – Credit In The Straight World [MP3, link expired]
Courtney Love []
Courtney Love: I Can Write Too!! [The Music Slut]


  1. millwhistle

    where has she gone, indeed? aside from that “the union themes” album with brendan canty in 2000 and the owl & the pussycat stuff with greg moore a few years ago, I can only assume that lois is wearing a blue-and-white checkered jumper, riding her bike around olympia, and cringing every time some dumb kid gets confuzzled by her old band’s name.


    Even stupider is Dave Navarro, who actually put the “other” Courtney Love in his iTunes playlist. Kinda unbelievable you can read about it on

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