Reminder: Gwen Stefani Will Probably Not Be Hanging Out With Us For Too Long

Oct 24th, 2006 // 2 Comments

gwen-stefani.jpgIf we’ve learned anything in the last few weeks, it’s that certain labels don’t like having their songs online. So, before the day is through, make sure you check out “Wind It Up” before it winds down.

Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up [MP3, link removed; via Discobelle]

  1. djmedi4

    It’s a shame that THIS is what they leaked.

    Last time the shit was bananas, this time, shit is shit.

    No wonder people today don’t care about music.

    Shame on you Gwen, for furthering the decline of the musical IQ in this country.

    And, double-shame on you for shortening your once-thought long career run with pablum like this. You can sing, honey. Try singing…

  2. AcidReign

    …..Well, maybe that sampled bass line is original. Yeah, the one that sounds like a loopy Dr. Who episode filler that has nothing to do with the “song.” Is that Gwen yodeling? My “sampled” and “not sampled” detector is not sure, right now. At best, I’d guess they sped Julie Andrews up at bit to keep up with the beat, then pitch-shifted it down. There are a few digital-ie artifacts that seem to suggest this.

    …..Sound of Music sounds very wrong and strange; all stereo-ized with the pops and skips gone, anyway!

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