Nirvana Licenser’s Promise: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Happy Meal Not In The Cards

Oct 25th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Now that Kurt Cobain is the highest-grossing dead celebrity, what’s his band’s music going to do? Why, commercials, of course. But don’t worry, Generation Xers–Peter Mestel of licensing company Private Wave says that any ad tie-ins are going to keep it real:

“You will never see Kurt Cobain’s music in a fast-food hamburger advertisement – that won’t ever happen,” Mestel says. “We’re looking at things that relate to cutting-edge technologies, products that are green and eco-friendly, products that Kurt would have liked to have his music represented by.”

We’re trying to think of what, exactly, this mythical product might be–and we’re stumped. But we’re sure of one thing: at least Mestel said “green,” and not brown.

Smells Like New Revenue [Forbes]
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  1. millwhistle

    ok, lessee… cutting-edge technology. green. eco-friendly. product kurt would have enjoyed.

    organic self-watering hothouse poppy growing kit?

  2. chrisb

    Now that you mention it, everytime I hear the words “I feel stupid and contagious” it just makes me want to buy stuff.

  3. DeeJayQueue

    i thought the whole entire point behind his music and lyrics (and the main reason he killed himself) was because he was upset with corporate sponsorship of rock and roll. this squicks me in a way i’ve never been squicked before.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    Yeah, seriously – I’m sorry to sound all PC and purist, but there really is no product, no circumstance, under which this will be okay and not give Nirvana fans the douche chills.

    I know almost everyone’s cherry has been broken by now, with even Zeppelin and Dylan caving (who’s left? R.E.M. and Springsteen?), but I just don’t see how Cobain’s music won’t sound horribly incongruous in advertising. It’s not just a honor-the-dead thing, it’s a don’t-insult-the-fans thing.

  5. thegreatestjake

    The only commercial I want to hear Nirvana in is the ad for the company that finally figures out a cure for the common hole in your fucking head. Seriously, that would be pretty sweet.

    On second thought maybe Rape Me would be great in an ad for Citron, or Come As You Are for Cialis.

  6. AcidReign

    …..The moral is: you kark yourself and leave your rights to your mental spouse, your work WILL eventually get sold to the machine.

    …..Yeah. Like Cobain never compromised to get signed in the first place…

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