JammX Kids Get Ready For Inevitable Feud With Kidz Bop Kidz

Oct 25th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Because there are no wee ones running around the Idolator flophouse, we had never heard of the JammX kids until this morning, when we spotted this clip on YouTube’s “Most Watched” list (to be honest, we were hoping it was actually footage of Shaq trying to reignite his post-Kazaam rap career). Apparently, they’re an all-tyke hip-hop group, one with some serious behind-the-scenes assistance: Randy Jackson works as an executive music producer, and they’ve had songwriting help from the likes of Kara DioGuardi, the woman responsible for such teen-pop hits as Ashlee Simpson’s “Pieces Of Me” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Walk Away.”

The Kids’ specials and DVDs are clearly big hits with the pre-teen set, and record labels have been using them to help break new singles from the likes of JoJo and Rihanna. But judging by this clip, the JammX tykes want to launch their own music careers, and we hope it works out for them: Not only is there something infinitely endearing about watching a wannabe Jay-Zs bust out their first, awkward rhymes, but we really don’t need a whole network full of House Of Carters-style shows ten years from now.

“Keep U Dancin” by Jammx Featuring Shaquille O’Neal
JammX Kids [Official Site]


  1. Mokie

    Between this and Jesusland, I fear for the youth of today.

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