Idolator Asks: Why Aren’t You People Listening To Young People?

Oct 25th, 2006 // 5 Comments

yp.jpgOur iTunes’ “recently played” list is full of appearances by the moody, piano-driven duo Young People, whose full-length All At Once is on track to be one of our favorite releases of the year. Katie Eastburn’s voice is stunning whether it’s sighing or wailing, and it particularly shines on the shimmering, sparse “F.”

Young People – F [MP3, link expired]
Young People – Dark Rainbow [MP3, link expired]
I Like Young People [Official site]


  1. cyruscope

    I swear to god that Katie was a roommate of mine in San Franciso from ’99 – 2000. She went by the name Hunter then and I’ll be damned if I remember her last name but this sure looks like her. Don’t remember any singing but I was kind of out of it during that year.

  2. joe bananas

    that would fit, actually. that was about the time she lived out there.

  3. cyruscope

    Well, if she ever records a song that references a mission district apartment above a laundromat, 2 Brown graduates, and a recently divorced, perpetually stoned Canadian, I’ll know it’s her for sure…

  4. sovietpanda

    I’m still sort of amazed that they ended up getting back together

  5. drumjazz

    I love Young People. Thankfully they’re not on Dim Mak anymore. I bought their album through Dim Mak’s website and after 6 follow up emails, never got anything…

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