Videodrone: The Killers Bone Up On Their B-Movie Knowledge

Oct 25th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Here’s the Tim Burton-directed clip for The Killers’ “Bones,” which contains both an homage to Jason and the Argonauts and more than one opportunity to make a dumb “boner” joke. If only they’d thought of the idea of stripping down and turning things into skeletons while they were making Sam’s Town–the horn section on this track still does not sound good at all.

The Killers [YouTube]

  1. tigerpop

    This video would have redeemed itself if they’d put moustaches on the skeletons.

  2. Rabi

    Where was the Killer’s video? All I saw was “Touch of Grey” by The Grateful Dead.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    They – the band, the label - have been talking up “Bones” since well before the album dropped, but it’s a shitty song and a lame single; the only catchy thing about it is that keyboard hook, which isn’t even that great. When I saw them live at VirginFest “Bones” killed what little momentum they had; on SNL it didn’t sound much better.

    For my money, they should redeem the whole Sam’s project by making the next single “Read My Mind,” which at least sounds like a Hot Fuss outtake.

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