Pick Of The Dork: Can You Guess The Fake A Cappella Album Review?

Oct 25th, 2006 // 4 Comments

poofs%21thereitis%21.jpgThere are several things we will never be able to explain to future generations: Donald Rumsfield. Ja Rule. The humor of imagining Donald Rumsfield listening to Ja Rule. But nothing mystifies more than the enduring appeal of college a cappella singers, who take their self-imposed celibacy out on the rest of the world by wearing bow ties and singing horrid vocal versions of current radio hits.

Thankfully, one eagle-eyed reader pointed us in the direction of The Recorded A Cappella Review Board‘s website, which is a lot like Pitchfork, only with fewer Arthur Russell references. Can you figure out which blathering a cappella critique did not appear on the site?

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The Recorded A Cappella Review Board
[Official Site]
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  1. PengIn

    The existence of these groups disturbs me. That said, the episode of Scrubs with the a cappell-off between the janitor and the lawyer was pretty cool.

  2. MJ

    You just keep on trying to make it harder for us, don’t you?

    I voted third. *shrugs*

  3. Clare

    I know I’ll catch hell for admitting this, but I sang in a cappella groups in high school and college, and I loved doing it. As dorky as it sounds, at its best, a cappella is extremely technically demanding. I’ve seen arrangements for 15-member groups that have 12 different singing parts.

    This is the white whale of the a cappella community: Spiralmouth’s self-titled album–the one where they do “Closer.”

  4. dgooding

    I confess… I wore tails in the group pictured above (looks like the Yale Whiffenpoofs) eons ago. And I was the record label (Hot Lips) behind spiralmouth’s CD that Clare mentioned. And next week, I will submit myself to the annual agony and ecstasy of choosing tracks for the 13th annual Best of College A Cappella.

    Just like any music niche, there’s a lot of dreck, but the highs keep getting higher. This is the best of 2006: hip-hop, country, alternative, heavy metal, all available as legal MP3 purchases.

    A cappella: it’s not just for dorks any more.

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