Music Insiders You May Not Care About Feud Over Band You May Not Care About

Oct 25th, 2006 // 3 Comments

There’s a war of words over at Philebrity (it’s like “Philadelphia” and “celebrity”–get it?) over an article written in this week’s Philadelphia Weekly: Apparently, while writing about the band Favourite Sons, PW writer Brian McManus noticed that the group is managed by Dryw Scully, who also happens to be the music promotions director at Urban Outfitters. McManus pointed out (rather half-assedly, we should add) that Sons receive a lot of Outfitters love, and maybe that’s, you know, kind of, like, a conflict? Well, Philebrity didn’t like that one bit, and they put down their copy of The Vice Magazine Guide to Sounding Edgy and wrote this missive:

Brian, you’re new around here, so let’s school you on some shit. First off, from the looks of things, you also come off as new to the whole rock journo biz, because you’re naive if you think that History of Rock is not also the History of Friends and Advocates Hooking People Up. If you don’t believe us on that one, you can just check in with anyone on the precious publicist daisy chain that you so hackishly — that’s right, hackishly — refer to, over and over.

Here’s another pearl of wisdom: You don’t know who you’re fucking with. Dryw does indeed work for Urban Outifitters during the day, but at night, dude is one of the biggest advocates of Philly music we can think of.

McManus responded in their comments, the whole thing gets semi-ugly, etc. Our verdict? Everyone loses: If McManus believes there’s really a conflict of interest here, he shouldn’t have pussy-footed around it; and if the Philberity guys actually think the whole “Ohmigosh, music promoters are just fans who really love music and are super-awesome and why are you so meannnn” defense is legit, maybe they should go work at Gothamist.

Also, midget tossing? Is that really what the kids are up to in Philly these days?

Urban Outed [Philadelphia Weekly]
Confidential To Brian McManus: When You Dis Dryw, You Dis Yourself [Philebrity]

  1. mreasy

    I have had the occasion to work with Mr. Scully multiple times, and have found him totally flaky and difficult, albeit charming. But he has been at Urban for a long time, and his job description has always been nebulous. I doubt he would endanger his promo CD/ concert ticket gravy train by violating company policy…and I mean, why would they care? He might be benefiting indirectly, but FS is exactly the type of band Urban would play regardless of DS’s involvement – the effect on customers of choosing FS rather than, say Forward Russia, is zilch.

  2. MJ

    Ok, humourless, awkwardly pretentious music geeks now.

    The past seven days are proving themselves to be extremely entertaining in the music blogosphere.

  3. Fuck you gawker

    Wow. Working at Urban Outfitters passes as street cred now?

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