The Game’s New By-The-Numbers Track Gives Us An Idea

Oct 25th, 2006 // 1 Comment

game.jpgThe latest dis track from the Game starts off with him reading off the SoundScan numbers, the weekly statistics that provide the backbone for the Billboard 200. The track itself is middling, and the SoundScan citations are little more than setup for yet another bash of Lloyd Banks and G-Unit–but between his stat-slinging here and his release-date analyses last week, we’re thinking that Game is trying to set himself up for a post-rap career as an industry pundit. So, Game, we have an invitation: if you’d like to turn Who Charted, our weekly take on album sales, into a weekly reading of SoundScan’s stats, please get in touch. We’ll even teach you how to pronounce “Evanescence.”

The Game – Sound Scan [MP3, link removed; via Nah Right]
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  1. Fresh

    50 Cent did the same Soundscan routine when he dissed Ja Rule a couple of years ago, albeit without the Just Blaze-produced soundtrack in the background.

    You can listen to the 50 Cent version here:

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