The Vault: Stockholm Monsters Give Us The Jitters

Oct 25th, 2006 // 2 Comments

sm.jpgNow that the heat has been turned on at the Idolator flophouse, we can sit back and enjoy these two tracks from the Stockholm Monsters, the Manchester band that Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook shepherded through a slew of releases on Factory. The nervous energy in “Lafayette” and “Partyline” is pairing quite nicely with the shivering we’re still doing after freezing for most of the afternoon.

Stockholm Monsters – Partyline [MP3, link expired]
Stockholm Monsters – Lafayette [MP3, link expired]
Stockholm Monsters catalog on LTM []


  1. Ned Raggett

    :-) I would say more but really, just :-) for now.

  2. I’ve only just realised this film is just one massive case if Stockholm Syndrome. Mind. Blown.

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