If An Ultragrrrl Comment Falls On The Web, And Nobody’s There To Hear It, Does It Still Make An Annoying Sound?

Oct 26th, 2006 // 25 Comments

ultrathummmb.jpgWe were too busy writing Whiffenpoofs jokes to notice, but yesterday, Ultragrrrl decided to weigh in on our two-weeks-old post regarding Gothamist’s interestingly conflicted editor Jen Carlson:

Ultragrrrl says:
Whoa, Idolator is a regular Nathaniel Hornblower… Keep up the good work!

At first we thought, “Zing!” But then, after reading it again, we thought “Zing?” We’re confused as to what she’s actually saying in this comment: we get the pop-cultural reference, but that would mean…what? That we pseudonymously direct Beastie Boys videos? That can’t be what she’s getting at.

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  1. chaircrusher


    So she thinks either you give blowjobs, or masturbate incessantly. Either one would be a valuable attribute in a music blogger. Not making an accusation, I’m just saying.

  2. mreasy

    You guys all sound smart. Can you explain to me exactly why Ultragrrrl? I’m not sure why what, just…why? I mean, I know she had that SPIN column, but how did that happen? Why do people read her blog? She really seems to have nothing to say, and the bands she hangs out with to legimitize her internet faux-celebrity are…not really…A-list. I always feel like I’m missing something every time her name is mentioned.

  3. Nicolars

    I’d compare her to Mrs. Malaprop, but she probably couldn’t figure out who that is.

  4. noremac

    sounds like she’s gonna blow your horn…sweeet.

  5. Bob Loblaw

    Maybe I’m being contrary just to be contrary, but where’s all this spleen coming from? Sure, the thing a few weeks ago was a good catch by Idolator, but that wasn’t something she was responsible for. Seems like the rest is just misdirected anger, no?

  6. SlimShadenfruede

    I think she’s referring to this semi-fictional book we had to read in school about a character Nathaniel (based on Paul Revere) who is the first to warn everyone about the Brits coming.

    I think she’s actually complimenting Idolator.

  7. noremac

    wasn’t nathaniel hornblower adam yauch’s character that stormed the video music awards when R.E.M won instead of the beastie boys

  8. the rich girls are weeping

    Maybe she’s got you confused with one of the millions of coded references to coke in Bright Lights, Big City

  9. SlimShadenfruede

    Noremac, that character on the awards was Spike Jones as Natha- you know what fuck Ultragrlll. I’m erasing her from my MySpace right now!

  10. ohHELLnaw


  11. ohHELLnaw

    This just in: her response:

    “Like, you guys are so rude! I’m just a little chubby girl who loves music. IS THAT SO WRONG? You are all meaner than that dude who killed all those people, Pol Pot Luck or whatever his name was.

    Yay Stolen Transmission!”

  12. SupraCute

    Bob Loblaw – While I agree that it was Vanity Fair’s goof in allowing Ultra’s pal to write the story, her comments on that original post clearly suggest that she doesn’t even understand how it was a conflict in the first place. This makes her comment on the Gothamist conflict-of-interest post equal parts amusing and sad.

  13. Bob Loblaw

    I don’t know. I thought the conflict was obvious to all parties, but her argument was more, “Any one of you would have done the same thing.” Not the strongest defense to make, but sadly, it’s probably true.

  14. SlimShadenfruede

    Where’s the ‘she’s dumb’ option?

  15. Ultragrrrl


  16. Ultragrrrl

    Is Idolator hurting for news that much that they’re a newsstory for a comment I wrote?

    Also, the fat jokes were 15 lbs ago. Thanks to posts like yours, i went on a strict diet of not-eating! Keep up the good work on bringing other people down! OMGLOL!!!!

  17. sarahblooms

    Gawker made me anorexic.

  18. MTS

    Mmm… Pol Pot Pie. I’d buy that in a hot minute.

  19. Lawrence

    Though my sister is an annoying brat (at least she’s better now than when she was 16), I must say that Sarah Blooms is the most annoying commenter in the entire Gawker Media network. This girl has an insatiable need to comment on just about every single post and her comments are horrendously stupid at that. Seriously, it’s like pages and pages and pages and pages and… oh, never mind. You get the point: it’s just too much and it’s mostly to hear herself talk. Honey, get yourself your own blog and stop trying to broadcast every dumb thought that pops into your head when you read a post.

    And while you’re at it, why not post photos of yourself, Bloom, since you think you’re hot enough to trash my sister’s looks (and, for that matter, Jared K’s girlfriend as you did a couple of months ago). Otherwise, we’ll just assume you’re a 900-pound Ernest Borgnine look-alike with no social life who spends her time waiting for the Gawker folks to post something for you chime in on.

    Yo, Lock and Mahoney: I think we have a candidate for execution. In the meantime, this extra publicity for Stolen Transmission and 5th Floor is priceless. Keep it up!

  20. sarahblooms

    I’ll send you my picture if you ask more nicely, big stuff.

    Also, I appreciate the time and research you put into attacking me. The publicity is priceless.

    Tell sis I said hi. Cheers!

  21. Richfourfour

    I’ve been thinking about this post all day. I love it so much.

  22. Lawrence

    It wasn’t that hard. You comment on every post.

  23. Rory

    Goddammit…why am I ALWAYS a day late and a dollar short?!
    I ALWAYS miss the ‘good stuff…’

  24. EnochRoot

    She’s drunk? I would go with that. Usually when I look at what I wrote on the web last night I am confused.

  25. Seriously Guy

    I dunno, the way I see it is she was a good bud to some bands at the right time and the Powers that Be equated that with true A&R skills and powers of ‘discovery.’ Whether or not those skills actually exist remains to be seen, but what I do know is that almost all great leaps in this business come with a fair bit of luck and timing, afterall there are too many of us who “really like music and hang out with band dudes” for it to completely be about deserving something wholeheartedly. You bust your ass, have some luck and are given a shot and hopefully you do as good as a lot of us would do with some hard work and passion for it. I do know she is a pretty sweet girl who is genuinely into music and I’m sorry if I’m not one of these retards who hates on her because she was the right person in the right place at the right time once in a while. There are a lot shittier people that could be given a shot with a major funded indie label. Jesus.

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