Idolator’s Instantly Outdated Guide To Internet Music: How To Nab Fifty Songs In Twenty Seconds

We haven’t done an Instantly Outdated Guide in a while, and we’re sorry for that. (If you have any mysterious corners of the Internet that you’d like to see us unlock, let us know.) But now we’re out of semi-retirement thanks to BrooklynVegan, who clued us in to a Firefox extension called DownThemAll. The extension allows you to snag all the embedded files in a Web page with just one click, and it came in especially handy when we were snagging that Amerie mixtape yesterday.

First of all, you’ll need to use Firefox in order to use DownThemAll. While you’re in Firefox, navigate over to DownThemAll’s site and click “Install DownThemAll now!”; you’ll be prompted to install the extension and restart Firefox, so make sure you aren’t working on any long-winded blog posts or e-mails beforehand.

Once you’ve installed the extension, head on over to a page that you’d like to pillage and right-click within your web browser. (On a Mac, control-click.) The following menu will pop up:


Clicking on “DownThemAll!” brings up the extension’s window:


Select the files you want to download–and note that DownThemAll really means it with the “all” part of its name, so you may have to scroll through to find MP3 files on pages that are particularly image/ad-heavy note that in the “additional filters” menu, you can select one that extracts all the files with the .mp3 extension from a page–and pick a destination folder for your files, then click “start.” The downloads will be done shortly after your click–DownThemAll also has a built-in download accelerator, for the more impatient among us.

Once you’re done downloading the Amerie mix, you should head on over to today’s cover-song compendium at Copy, Right? and give your brand-new extension another go–the Bombones’ incredibly spot-on cover of the 2001 mash-up “A Stroke Of Genie-Us” is a must-listen for anyone who misses the earliest days of mash-ups.

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