Caption This: When Ghostface Met Lady Sov

Oct 26th, 2006 // 10 Comments

The scene: Last night at the mtvU Woodie Awards. The players: Wu-Tang loose cannon Ghostface Killah and itty bitty British MC Lady Sovereign. We have no idea what they were discussing, but we’re going to guess that Def Jam’s promotional priorities were at least mentioned in passing.

Ghostface – Big Girl [MP3, link expired]
Lady Sovereign – 9 to 5 [MP3, link expired]
[Photo: Getty Images]

  1. Kevin7

    Big question: what’s her left hand doing? Ghostface seems to be enjoying it…

  2. gorillavsmarykate

    where the white women at?

  3. stopmikelupica

    Question – what the hell is in Ghost’s right hand? Is that a Woodie? The world’s tiniest headboard? Has Ghost finally pioneered a new way to smoke weed?

    Enough land to go and plant my own sess crops…

  4. MJ

    Weird, I thought her rap on “9 to 5″ was originally from a song with the same name by The Ordinary Boys in which she featured. Turns out their song is a remix. Or maybe a mash-up?

    Here it is, just so you know what I’m talking about.

  5. Kevin7

    I think their offspring would look like Flavor Flav.

  6. MJ

    Ah, thanks. The Ordinary Boys did a really good job with it, then.

  7. AcilletaM

    GFK: “Listen, don’t do the Stevie Wonder impression anymore. It’s not good, OK?”

  8. zini

    Its obvious -duh. Ghost is saying;

    “Brolly noodlehead flowerpot catchers, chicken soup numb, duckin shelter, gettin dumb, we scooped up on it, ass like cinnemon bun, we live crumb, superghostdini cloaked in rum you cant see me, scarecrow cats lookin starrin, where’s the Ghost? what the fuck’s he wearin? Oh shit what’s that smell it must be Lady Sovereign.”

  9. bh

    MJ – as far as I know, her version was first. The Ordinary Boys sampled it for their record.

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