Michael Jackson, Dick Clark Are Total BFF

Oct 26th, 2006 // Comment

You might think that a New York Times story about Dick Clark selling off his American Bandstand memorabilia would be boring. And you’d be right. But for those willing to make it all the way past the various auction-item descriptions (we can’t for the opening bid on Peter Noonan’s buckle-boots), there’s this delightful nugget waiting at the end:

“I love that Michael Jackson glove,” Mr. Clark said. “I called him and I said, ‘Michael, I got to have some stuff, give me the beaded glove, would you?’ He said, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ Two days later, in walks this figure of a man who says, ‘Is Dick Clark here? Give him this. He asked for it.’ It was Michael himself, delivering the white glove.”

For some reason, every time we read this, we imagine that Jackson’s mental state has declined so much, he can no longer say anything but “Yeah, yeah!” over and over again in that Fievel Mousekewitz voice: “Michael, can you sign power-of-attorney over to Jermajesty?” “Yeah, yeah!” “Michael, do you want to help midwife this orangutan?” “Yeah, yeah!” Etc.

Dick Clark Selling Rock ‘n’ Roll History [New York Times]

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