Liner Notes: David Lee Roth Reportedly Dusting Off His Spandex

Oct 26th, 2006 // 4 Comments

dlr.jpg- David Lee Roth may high-kick it with Van Halen once again, according to reports. We’re glad that he’s aiding in the effort to prevent Eddie Van Halen from scoring crummy softcore movies again. []
- You have to hand it to The Game: He’s getting better and better at keeping his name in the press. Today, he informed the world that he’s found his sister on MySpace. [Spin]
- Two Universal labels are accused of inflating airplay numbers by buying extended ad blocks on the radio, then using that time to play full songs. One of the artists lifted by this plan? Nickelback. Do they even need help at this point? [IHT]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Surely someone decent would sing for this band, right?


    “Hi, Gary? We know you’re not doing much now…”

  2. Scott Steg

    I was fortunate to see Michael Anthony yesterday as he played with VH a tribute band The Atomic Punks for a corporate shindig. He made the surprise appearance a few songs into the set. Seemed to have a good time playing and said the band does VH justice.

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