The Vault: The “Cruel” History Of The Beau Brummels

Oct 26th, 2006 // 5 Comments

beau.jpgEven though they effortlessly jumped from pop to folk to country, San Francisco’s Beau Brummels never quite received the popular acclaim they deserved. Maybe it was because they formed in 1963, and the world only had the patience for one well-dressed mop-top band at a time. Or maybe it was because they took their name from a fey British fop. Whatever the reason, the Brummels deserve a revival, and while it would be impossible to prove why in just a couple of songs, we nonetheless present thre of the band’s biggest hits from their early days:

The Beau Brummels – Just A Little [MP3, link expired]
The Beau Brummels – People Are Cruel [MP3, link expired]
The Beau Brummels – Laugh, Laugh [MP3, link expired]
The Beau Brummels [Official Site]


  1. any such name

    omg, someone beat me to the MST3K reference:

    The Beau Brummels
    The Beau Brummels Bridges
    The Beau Brummels Bridges of Madison County

  2. Ned Raggett

    “That is most dubious, dude.”

  3. Ned Raggett

    Full YouTube clip of “Woman”:

  4. Ned Raggett

    Bother. Let me just put in the link:

    The Beau Brummels, “Woman” and dancing ducks

  5. Brian Raftery

    I love co-running this site.

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