Jared Leto Gives Stereogum First Taste of the VIP High-Life

Jared Leto may not know how to act, but he certainly knows how to act up: The 30 Seconds To Mars Bar singer (and blog hater) reportedly attacked Stereogum.com founder Scott Stereogum at last night’s mtvU Woodies awards (we can’t believe we just wrote that). From the Best Week Ever blog:

–After spotting Jared in the VIP section last night, Stereogum grabs some footage of himself boldly inquiring about Leto’s stated hatred of blogs.
–Jared, perhaps having made the realization he’s actually among the blog scum he so loathes, firmly grabs Stereogum’s arm and begins loudly expressing his displeasure with the question.
–Sensing that the eyeliner-wearing rock goddess might be in danger, a nearby security monkey grabs Stereogum, erases all the data in his camera, and forcefully removes him from the entire venue, severly injuring his left ring finger – his BLOGGING FINGER – in the process.

Leto clearly doesn’t actually read the blogs; if so, he’d know that Scott was initiated into the Cash Money crew yesterday, and can now afford an actual lawyer. Please sue him, Scott! It may be the only way to get him to stop singing!

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Leto’s Blog Hatred Escalates to Violence – Stereogum Attacked!
[Best Week Ever]

  • Bob Loblaw

    This is actually perfect symbiosis. Leto gets to fancy himself the persecuted, rebellious outsider, and we all get endless hours of internerd bliss. Mother Nature is a many splendored thing.

  • MJ


    There are some things you just don’t touch, Mr. Leto. Depriving a man of his children’s bread like this… Shame on you! Shame!

  • shallowrewards

    Leto is Totally ripping me off.

  • MT

    I cannot even imagine how much fun it would be to take Leto’s deposition.

  • qyntellspitbull

    I know bloggers are low on the fighting scale, but I’d like to think most anyone in the blog world could take down a nu-emo manscaraed Jordan Catalona.

  • pk

    catalano. and he’s not wearing manscara. this is manscara. my so-called rocker is wearing eyeliner.