Liner Notes: Chris Cornell’s Annoying Goatee Narrowly Avoids Death

Oct 27th, 2006 // 6 Comments

slave.jpg–Chris Cornell was tossed twenty feet into the air when his motorcycle was rear-ended by a truck, marking the single most exciting moment of Audioslave’s career. [Page Six]
–Next week’s chart battle will be a close call between My Chemical Romance, John Legend, and–in what could be a close upset–the Hannah Montana soundtrack, hence making Billy Ray Cryus’ daughter the Ned Lamont of tween pop. [Hits Daily Double]
–Nah nah nah nah nah, etc.: We can’t believe Roxette just signed a deal with Capitol Records in the U.S. [Roxette site, via Coolfer]

  1. Steve518

    When did Chris Cornell get tits?

  2. Jory

    Holy Manneries!

  3. AcilletaM

    Steve518, when he joined Audioslave.

  4. MT

    The pic isn’t of Billy Ray? Man-boobs? Seriously?

  5. antistar

    The same people that rip Audioslave are the same ones who think Superunknown is Soundgarden’s best album. There are some good songs on each Audioslave album and they are great live. It sure beats 99% of what these overhyped indie bands keep regurgitating.

  6. PengIn

    Badmotorfinger is unquestionably Soundgarden’s best album. No Audioslave track would make the cut for that (nor for any Rage album), hence my disgust with Cornell.

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