2 Live And To 2 Die On The Web: Idolator Bans Its First Commenters

Oct 27th, 2006 // 22 Comments

banned.jpgThis morning, your Idolators held a secret meeting in Helsinki to discuss today’s most pressing order of business: Banning our first commenters. Now, we realize that we throw a lot of jabs and darts and Nerf footballs and what have you at other people, but there are two things we won’t stand for: 1) use of the word “douchebag” (easy, and played out) and 2) ickily below-the-belt jokes on other commenters’ appearances. Why? Because nothing’s lamer than anonymously spitting at someone, and we’re trying to make this site at least somewhat more civilized than a fifth-grade gym locker. Also, your editors are kind of senstive about looks-related issues, because one of them was turned down for an International Male catalog shoot a few years ago.

So a few of you will find your commenting privileges nixed this afternoon. We still love you, but we just want the Internet to get better.

P.S. Please note that as of today, Kevin Federline is not a commenter, so feel free to make fun of his chin-strap face.



  1. Steve518

    I’m always travelling when the Jerry Springer stuff happens! What did I miss?

  2. MT

    And I professed my Idolator devotion in a comment earlier today. What more than sorry can I say?

  3. GeddyLee

    Can I refer to actual douchebags as douchebags? Or are they “equipment used for douching” from hereon in?

  4. Anonymous

    Is Clay Aiken fan fiction still okay to openly mock?

  5. SirLoin

    Nobody better make fun of my moustache.

  6. The Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    Glad I’m still here.

    In the spirit of this board, my apologies to Bob Loblaw for having a simililar commenter name.

    Pistols at dawn?

  7. blobby


    Phew, that’s a relief.

  8. Bob Loblaw

    Pistols? This is the internet, fella. Round here we feud.

    It’s going to be vicious, it’s going to be pointless, and it’s going to be anonymous.

    En garde!

  9. Chris Molanphy

    Testes…testes…one, two – three?! (huh-huh, huh-huh-huh)

  10. Ted Striker

    That’s when my drinking problem started.

  11. jfruh

    Valleywag names and shames their bannees… Idolator justs takes them out back and executes them silently.

    (I’m assuming that there’s so many comments on this post because we’re all checking to make sure we still can!)

  12. Brian Raftery

    Patience, patience…the Outro is coming soon, and there ye shall find your names (we saved it so we could have an excuse to run another 2 Live Crew picture).

  13. Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue

    Wait, people can’t use the word “douchebag” as an insult? You do realize Idolator is part of the Gawker media family, right?

  14. Kevin7

    Made the cut?

  15. Anonymous

    So does this mean I could’ve made the comment about how I’ve been rocking the Cristina version of “Is that all there is?” since 2004 and not be viewed as a pathetic sack?

    And does it help that I prefer “shitbag” over “douchebag”?

  16. Feh Am Legend

    Calling someone a Douchebag is over? Someone please tell Gawker. No, please, tell them.

  17. tee.

    Man, I go on vacation for a week and there’s been exile from the village.

  18. Paul D


    / Meow!

  19. mackro

    It takes a mass execution to bring loved ones together.

    <3 <3 <3 :D

  20. Rory

    *Turns to face everyone and editor*
    You like me…you really, REALLY LIKE ME!
    You don’t?
    Oh. Okay. No really, it’s…I’m still here so…okay.
    (love this place – and don’t diss me for sucking up – I don’t do it at work so I will do it here…from time to time…)

  21. Quine

    Just doublechecking..going to send in a tip now.

  22. Rory

    By the way, just wanted to add, if I were to choose friends for myself (because, of course, I HAVE NONE) I’d go for the Gawker/Idolator/Defamer…et al commentators.
    I dunno about Dethroner, but you guys have been rockin’ it hard for me for 4 months! For someone who fell into one of your websites, I couldn’t have done a better accidental job.
    Daily, laugh with tears in eyes.
    Hard laugh, life threatening laugh.
    Executed or not (I fell on my sword at Gawker for being a thorn in NARNIAs side)I heart this series of sites like nothing else.
    CABLE teevee is a thing of the past for me, and I’ve been a nettie since the nineties.
    Thanks, everyone, I really mean that.
    Now…put down that sword.

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