The U2/Green Day Katrina Video: It’s Actually Not Terrible

Oct 30th, 2006 // 5 Comments

We were expecting the worst–read: more Jesus/Bono conflation–when we first clicked on U2 and Green Day’s Katrina-themed video for “The Saints Are Coming,” but the clip actually turns conventions of jingoism on its head in a way that’s, dare we say it, effective. In the context of, say, a football game, the song’s proclamation that “the saints are coming” would be accompanied by a phalanx of fighter jets; the “Saints” video fulfills that expectation, then gives it a fake-news spin that’s tinged with just enough anger to ensure it’ll never get played on NBC.

U2 and Green Day “The Saints Are Coming” video [YouTube]

  1. thepunkguy

    Hey My friend chris milk, directed that. here is a link to an interview I did with him a little while back. He also directed the new Gnarls B video with the bugs…

  2. largehearted boy

    Because, when you think of New Orleans music, U2 and Green Day immediately come to mind.

  3. Jack Fear

    As do The Skids. Actually, I’m pretty sure that if you draw a triangle on a map with Berkeley, Dublin, and Edinburgh as its points, its exact center would be… well, not New Orleans.

    I’ll tell you one thing, though; that U2charist thing scares the bejesus out of me. When T Bone Burnett said, in 1987, “U2 are what going to church should be like,” it never occurred to me that somebody might take him literally.

  4. MJ

    Is it me, or has Bono lost vocal abilities throughout the years?

  5. Koolhandvuk

    MJ, it’s you. Bono can flat out sing. You don’t know squat about singing or talent.

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