Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time! Part Five

We took a break last week, but we’re back with another collection of some of the best home-made public-access videos to be found on the Information Superhighway (if you’ve missed previous installments, make sure to catch up here). After the click-through, more lunch-break insanity from around the globe, including a sexed-up Janet Jackson cover (pictured), a religious-awakening dance revolution, and one truly amazing piano-key scarf.

5. Reverand Alicia Tripout, “Yahweh, Your Wisdom Lets Me Walk in the Light”Once you get through the spoken-word introduction, you’ll find some of the most joyful dancing ever captured on film (or, more likely, VHS tape). How come none of those Panic! At The Disco schnooks ever look like they’re having this much fun?
4. Unknown Artist, Unknown Bollywood Jam Okay, this is a little bit of a cheat, since technically it’s not from a public-access show. But once you hear how wonderful this song is, we think you’ll forgive us.
3. Hi-Life, “The Flea Song”These guys actually aren’t all that bad, but the clip leaves us with numerous questions: Had they just met? Is all that maniacal self-scratching really necessary? And, most importantly, where did the naughty little flea go?
2. Unknown, “Strong Sexual Feeling”If it weren’t for the fact that the video is so muddy, we would swear this is a fake: The piano-keyboard scarf. The zombie-like back-up dancer. The amazing lyrics (“candy pants/you make my heart do a break dance”). In some countries, this counts as actual evidence of God’s existence.
1. Sondra Prill, “Nasty Boys” Prill was bumped for our last list, but that was only because we were afraid of spoiling you all with too much early-’90s Tampa-area lunacy. This clips re-imagines Ms. Jackson’s self-empowering anthem into a strip-club montage that looks as though it was filmed in-between episodes of Studs.