The War On Fun Continues: MySpace To Block Unauthorized Music Use

Oct 30th, 2006 // Comment

myspace_logo.jpgMusic-networking site MySpace has announced its plans to crack down on unauthorized use of copyrighted music files, depriving 15-year-old girls from embedding “Wind It Up” in their pages until Gwen Stefani gives her permission. We’re more than a little suspicious of the technology behind this initiative, which is powered by CDDB owners Gracenote; we give it a week before an indie band starts posting blog-howls about its songs being taken down by accident. Also, we have to ask: What will this mean for all the fake MySpace profiles out there? Will MySpace’s ranks, already thinning thanks to teenagers’ fickleness, drop even further once the big shots realize that there really aren’t 748 Kurt Cobains out there?

MySpace to block illegal use of copyrighted music [Reuters via Washington Post]


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