Blogsmacked: White Rappers Get All Existential On Our Ass

Oct 30th, 2006 // 7 Comments

3rd.JPG–Professional Honkies MC Serch and Sage Francis start up the wordiest feud of all time on MySpace. [We eat so many shrimp]
–A savvy Dylan listener figures out how to recreate Bob’s satellite radio show for free. It’s easy, but it will still take your father six hours to figure it out. []
–Attention, amateur rap-along artists on YouTube: You have at least one very excitable fan. [SPIZZAZZZ]
–Got to hand it to the Rolling Stones: They’re constantly finding new, exciting ways to treat their fans like shit. [Undercover]


  1. Ned Raggett

    In terms of being a snivelling drip, Sage Francis makes Conor Oberst seem like Gene Simmons.

  2. mickeyprecious

    “Professional Honkies” is my nomination for the Best Phrase of All Time.

  3. drjimmy11

    OMG white people can’t rap LOLLERSKATES! A couple of bits on airline food and these guys are all set for the comedy store.

    As for the Rolling Stones thing- WORD WRAP??!??! But yeah, from what I could read without scrolling 4 miles to the right, it sounds familiar. “Classic rock” concerts get more absurdly fascist all the time.

  4. Rory

    “You had me at ‘Professional Honkies’, Ides…

  5. joe bananas

    whats with the picture of The Proclaimers?

  6. lucasg

    i still love third bass, and i don’t care what anyone says!

  7. zibby

    Ugh. Who the hell would go to see the Stones at this point? My wife dragged me out to see them about 5 years ago and it was obvious they had nothing left. I can’t imagine they got better with age.

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