Boo-Ya! Meet Our Special Halloween Musical Guest

Oct 31st, 2006 // 14 Comments

glennpic.jpgWe thought long and hard about how to best exploit celebrate Halloween on the site, but it wasn’t until this e-mail message popped up last week that we knew what we had to do: “Glenn Danzig is doing new-media interviews on 10/31,” it said. “Interested?”

And how! So today, the man behind such spooky classics as “Skulls,” “Vampira” and “Mother” will be occasionally posting on the site (we’ve given him his own comment invite, which we hope he’s fugured out how to learn). He’s even sent in this delightfully Danztastic opening missive:

hello idolaters, gd here. hope you are well. been doing international press all day for the new album, all on the phone. most have gone okay, but what the hell is up with the swedes? its like they have marbles in their mouth.

anyway, i always get questions about halloween. the thing is: i dont do anything for halloween. dont care for it BUT a few years ago, me and the missus bough two dachsunds named ozzy and aussie (i know, it’s confusing, i didnt actually say the names out loud before i named them). anyway, we always dress up the pooches, so this year they’ll be bumblebees. or police officers. love me the weener(sp?) dogs.

okay, i will try to write more today. please remember, my new album, “bloodfist: the ascension of the troglodyte” is out in stores 11/6 (intl) and 11/7 (u.s.).


So there you have it. Glenn will be checking in (we hope) throughout the day; maybe, if we’re nice to him, he’ll even answer a few questions.

  1. thepunkguy

    Dear G_D, I have a three part question for you.. Hopefully, you can answer it on this holiest of hallow’s eve.
    A. Why was (and maybe still is) Bobby Steele an a**hole, fu*king c*nt?
    B. What the hell is Hybrid Moments about?
    c. During the recording of the new record, were any animals sacrificed for mood?

  2. Nicolars

    Nathan Explosion!

  3. noremac

    if you can answer the “hybrid moments” question, i’ll be forever grateful, since its the song that launched my love for “punk”.

  4. mickeyprecious

    I’m so conflicted. Part of me wants to believe this is real – especially given the idea of dachshunds dressed as little police officers. But the other part thinks is a clever Idolator joke. What to do??

  5. AcilletaM

    Hmmm, this may actually draw me away from Balk’s demise on Deadspin today…

  6. thepunkguy

    is Aqua Teen more or less lowbrow than Idolator?

    and even more puzzling, Is danzig a ‘dachshunds’ or more of a french poodle kind of guy?

  7. Wasp vs Stryper

    If this is for real, Glen, is it true that John Christ tore off his fingernail during his audition and bled all over his guitar? And is it true you told him to join Danzig he had to move to NJ, wear all black and shave his mustache? I am just a wondering…..

  8. SirLoin


  9. SirLoin


  10. AcilletaM

    Why does Glenn hype a different album everytime?

  11. xboxishuge

    Danzig, could you beat up Henry Rollins? This is a serious question that my friends and I can’t figure out. The closest we’ve come is agreeing that the titanic world-ending clash would be the most metal thing ever.

  12. qyntellspitbull

    He can spell “troglodyte” but not “weiner”?
    That is soooo Metal.

    I heard Dio can’t even spell his own name.

  13. noremac

    i’d also like to know if its true he sent brian singer a 4 page letter telling him why he should be the wolverine in the first xmen movie, and if this is true, if he could please post this online, post haste.

  14. Crunchbird

    I don’t think I can ever think of Danzig as badass ever again, now that I know he dresses up his pair of weiner dogs in matching bumblebee costumes. He’s been taking that medication from Brain Candy, hasn’t he?

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