Liner Notes: 30 Seconds To Mars Bar Singer Caught Hobnobbing

–”Dude, if you voted for Imogen Heap, I will kick your ass!”: The Jared Leto/Elijah Wood feud, captured on film. [Brooklynvegan]
–Michael Jackson and will collaborate on Jackson’s next album. We’re guessing Jackson will be the first person not to constantly harass will for Fergie’s number. [Billboard]
–Whitney Houston: You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you’re celebrated in the press for not looking like a crackhead. [AP]

  • Glenn Danzig

    true story: about a year ago, one of those snobby music magazines (pulse?) asked me to do one of those mentor/idol stories, where they have a big star get interviewed by some puny young musician who was a fan growing up.

    anyway, i guess this leto was really into “walk among us” when as kid or some shit, and my label thought it would be a good idea. but here’s the funny thing–when they told me the name on the phone, i thought they said “leno”!! i was expecting this really funny comedian, and in walks this sad looking raccoon. the interview was ok, but i was really thrown.

    never listened to the band, but she seemed like a pretty nice girl.

    my new album, Songs From The Crystal Cave, was released this past saturday afternoon

  • JackieTreehorn

    That’s awesome.