Blogsmacked: Vegoose May Be Over, But The Really Silly Name Lives On

Oct 31st, 2006 // 4 Comments

Reports from last weekend’s Vegoose festival, which boasted a ferris wheel, sets by Tom Petty and the Killers, and lots of hippies (above), are filtering into the blogosphere.

- Ticket sales were light, perhaps because people knew that someone would be there with a digital recorder at the ready. [Live Music Blog]
- My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James channeled his inner Gallagher at set’s end. No, we don’t mean one of the Oasis members. [Super Dee's House]
- Fiona Apple’s name gives some people the munchies. [Du Glas' MySpace blog]
- Breaking news: People who don’t look like fans of hip-hop can like the Roots. [pink_lemons]
- Another shocking development: Hippies now sport dreadlocks. [talcexploration]
- Costumes in the crowd: Towelie, a dancing Pope, a Double Dare contestant, and a couple of Hunter S. Thompsons. [Title in progress]
- Vegoose: Probably not the best place to learn that you may be allergic to pot smoke. [tarawr]


  1. PengIn

    Damn hippies. They ruined the Black Crowes.

  2. Glenn Danzig

    not to be nitpicky, but there’s a big arrow in the middle of the picture, and some russian word in the bottom right corner.

    my new EP, Satanick Runes :: The Exquisite Paine of the Witching-Corpus, is missing.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Did someone put on a Slayer CD toward the end to get the hippies to disperse?

  4. Great post, saved the blog in hopes to see more!

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