Rapping Accountants Combine “O.P.P.” With CPAs

Oct 31st, 2006 // 1 Comment

In an effort to boost accountant awareness in China (really!), the Hong Kong Institute Of CPAS produced this video for their blazing new hip-hop single, “‘Tute In Da House.” Normally, this would not be that funny–we’ve had our fill of “look how intentionally badly we can all rap!” clips–but “toot” has a few different interpretations. And trust us, they say “toot” a lot.

Accountants Get Jiggy Wid It [Guardian]

  1. mickeyprecious

    I found this little gem at your Urban Dictionary link:

    toot jar
    a jar that one farts into in order to conceal the smell for a future indiviual to enjoy. Toot Jars usually have a tight plasic lid so none of the smell escapes.

    Ryan gasped as he opened the lid of my toot jar and took a great wiff.

    Now this begs the question: what business did Ryan have opening that toot jar in the first place! He knew the consequences of taking that great wiff.

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