Boo-Ya! Part II: Danzig Answers Your Questions

Oct 31st, 2006 // 6 Comments

glennpic.jpgIt’s Halloween, and who better to help us celebrate than Glenn Danzig, the former lead singer of the Misifts? Glenn’s been commenting all day from his hideout in Latvia, and since so many of you had questions for him, we thought we’d let him answer. After the click-through, GD’s words of wisdom–and please enjoy, because it took him like four hours to write these:

QUESTION: During the recording of the new record, were any animals sacrificed for mood?
i love animals, so this is a stupid question. i have two dachsunds (ozzy and aussie), a cat named mr. pib the cat, and a bear cub named linus. i have to keep the bear cub in jersey, because that’s where it’s legal, but i see it three times a year and make sure it gets to eat baby gazelles (just kidding!!).

QUESTION: Danzig, could you beat up Henry Rollins? This is a serious question that my friends and I can’t figure out.
i like rollins just fine, but we’ve had a beef for the past few years over money. hes talked about it in the press, so i guess it’s fair game to bring it up here, but basically, he and i were supposed to do a song for that judgement night soundtrack where we would team up with bone thugs n’ harmony. rollins didn’t want to do it, but i kind of strong-armed him because i was i was buddy-buddy with estevez (emilio) and i owed him a solid. anyway, me and rollins had to share a hotel room the first night because L.A. was in the middle of the riots, and all the media was in town. we had dinner at that ground round on la brea, and rollins was trying to impress this waitress, so he started doing some stupid mosh-jokey dance, and he wound up breaking the sneeze guard (not that those fatties at ground round actually eat salad). anyway, the bill was all mine, and he never paid me back. and yes, i could beat him up, but i want my money first!!! haa.

QUESTION: He can spell “troglodyte” but not “weiner”?
GLENN’S ANSWER: your a puny asshole. ps that’s not a question but a statement with a question mark at the end, jackass.

  1. Glenn Danzig

    i think i come off rather well.

    my new album, This Is All A Big Joke, came out this morning on idolater.

  2. thepunkguy

    Dear Glenn Danzig / Idolator,
    While I burn my November Coming Fire LP, I sob. I sob at the possiblity of asking questions to the shortest member of the Misfits / Samhain / Danzig disappears.
    Idolator, thanks for crushing my dreams and hopes. Chuck Biscuits is turning in his grave.
    I hope you are happy. tpg

  3. AcilletaM

    Judgement Night was a great soundtrack.

  4. Ted Striker

    This is surely the best day in Idolator history.

  5. GiantPanda

    yes, this was an awesome day in idolator history, the day Danzig put all those fast talkers in their place. sweet……….

  6. noremac

    he never answered the wolverine or the hybrid moments questions…i’m dissapointed.

    I’d also go as far to say if that fat ass from northside kings can drop him, hank could probably sneeze and knock him over.

    somewhere i imagine him in that library from the first Danzig video, surrounded by lost books of the bible, and candles, eating beef jerky, answering these questions with a YEAAAAAHHHHEAAHHHH at the end of every response.

    not little jon style, but glenn/twist of cain style of course.

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