“Hey, Asshole!”: Special Leto Edition

Nov 3rd, 2006 // 4 Comments

hey_asshole_bu.jpgYou know the “Hey, Asshole!” drill: You send in your tales (and pictures) of obnoxious concertgoing behavior to tips@idolator.com; and we print sympathetically print them. Today, we have a lengthy submission from an Atlanta-area reader named Janelle, who had the misfortune of seeing blog-antagonizing Jared Leto and his 30 Seconds to Mars Bar band last night.

The show was Rock Kills Kid, The Receiving End of Sirens, Cobra Starship, Head Automatica and 30 Seconds to Mars. There was just too much chance of 100 things to go weird to miss it so thankfully I had the pleasure of accompanying my photog friend to the show, and happily so – I love irony and dildongery.

-Sure there was the drunk guy that propped his even more drunk friend up on the bar and left him there, and the friend proceeded to fall over everyone, attempting to throw his hands in the aiiir during Head Automatica.
-Absolutely there were at least 3 guys in ball caps and tight shirts asking me “who the hell are these guys” with each band that took the stage.
-There was the guy manning the Cobra Starship merch booth that – when I refused to sign a PETA petition to ‘save the chickies from KFC’ – hollered at me that ‘I’m not that cool.’
-The odd stall in the middle of Cobra Starship’s “Bring It” when Gabe stopped to bring out onto stage some Georgia frat boy, complete with button down shirt and baseball hat to – get this – perform the rap in the middle of the song.
-There was a strange conglomerate of cowboy hats and boots, which makes me wonder if our local country station has taken a liking to Beautiful Lie.
-Then there was the local band manager who sat downstairs with Gabe of Cobra Starship, unapologetically hitting on the leftover underage co-eds surrounding his new friend.
-Above all of it, there was the fact that the $2 Bill show was $33.50.

At any rate, it all came to be worth it during 30STM’s set, and it only took Jared 1.5 songs to achieve. Must be a record.

Every city has their one or two “professional” photogs that are omnipresent at any radio or overly sponsored shows. The two of them, and a few others, lined up in the photography area and suffered through a ridiculously unnecessary 20 minute set by the Street Drum Corp before Jared Leto ascended to the stage, looking like a multi-colored goth warrior. After just one song, Jared screamed at the photographers for taking pictures of him tuning. We have no explanation for that one. Perhaps he wants his flock to think he isn’t fallible enough to need to tune?

But then, halfway through song #2, he dove into the crowd, singing and surfing. Nice. On his way back? Stepped on one of the aforementioned ” professionals”, who happens to be a nice large, older lady, knocking her to the ground. It took no less than 3 security guards to get her back to her feet. Jared continued on with his anthem, not even blinking that he had used this poor woman as a step stool. Man, I can only hope there are pictures. Perhaps Jared has added concert photographers to his list of victims? Maybe he thought she was a blogger?

My only regret is that I didn’t think of wear a t-shirt that said, I’m Liveblogging You Right Now.


  1. Mick Kraut

    His name is ROBERT PAULSEN!

  2. KurticusMaximus

    Not supposed to talk about that, Mick. Tsk Tsk.

  3. blobby

    Now we’re gonna have to cut off your balls.

  4. Anonymous

    oh man. i saw rock kills kid here in mpls @ first ave. i think they opened up for the electric six. anyway. lead singer of rock kills kid is really cute, so when i saw him in the crowd later on i had to say at least say hi. i think i spat on him while drunkenly trying to say, “nice job.” good one, genevieve.

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