Listening To “The Wire”: This Post Could Someday Save Your Life

youngleek.jpgIf you missed last night’s episode of The Wire–and you really shouldn’t have, as it’s generally the best 58 minutes of television all week–you missed a well-played shout-out to the Baltimore club scene: In order to smoke out a New York dealer who’s invaded their turf, two for-hire killers wander the street and ask people if they’ve heard of Young Leek’s club favorite “Jiggle It”–their logic being that, as one character notes, “they don’t listen to that shit up in New York.” The first guy they find who doesn’t know the track must be from the Big Apple, and therefore, must get popped.

We don’t want this to happen to you, so in a public service to our readers, we present Leek’s breakthrough track. If anyone asks you about it, for God’s sake, recite the lyrics by heart! You may even want to jiggle it while singing, just for extra emphasis.

Young Leek – Jiggle It [MP3, link expired]
Young Leek [MySpace]

  • soundbitesnyc

    Does anyone know where you can get this year’s version of the theme song? My favorite yet.

  • kerrang

    you from up the hill? i’m from down the hill.

  • Brian Raftery


  • Audif Jackson Winters III

    Stop snitching.

  • Nicolars

    No Harvell, no credibility.

  • ens3000

    Of course the story wouldn’t have worked if those NYC dudes had been internet nerds who read hip hop-ish blogs like Discobelle, Catchdubs or Government Names all of which cover B’more club music to one degree or another, LOL.

    BTW though: isn’t saying you know about B’more club cos UR familiar with Young Leek the equivalent of saying you know about ATL hip hop cos U f-cks with Yung Joc??

  • Vcholerae

    I can’t watch this year — the whole death of Stringer Bell left me devastated for weeks. I can’t get hurt again. Damn, that episode sounds good though…

  • Sung Mclatchy

    Good excuse for not being around…LOVE the wire and cannot wait for the new season :)