Faith Hill’s Freak-Out Makes Award Show Only Slightly Less Boring

Pretty much everything you need to know about last night’s Country Music Awards can be found in today’s New York Times write-up, but if you’re too lazy for that, here’s a summary: Rehab-relocated Keith Urban had someone read his acceptance speech, which earned big applause (the country fans love their troubled addicts); nobody mentioned the Dixie Chicks; and Faith Hill may or may not have freaked out when she lost to Carrie Underwood. The footage of Hill’s supposed bad-sport reaction is already burning up the YouTube charts (and being splashed across Drudge’s front page), but it’s clearly a joke. Either way, we expect this to become a heavily covered non-issue issue on for the rest of the day.

Down by the Ol’ Mainstream: Country Awards Round Up the Usual Sentiments [NY Times]

  • MosH8ed

    that wasn’t too bad, at least she didn’t pull a kanye.

  • GeddyLee

    What exactly is this “country music” you’re all talking about?

  • Nicolars

    Forget Faith Hill, Carrie’s date was ANTHONY FEDEROV.

  • Ned Raggett


    Him and Constantine should hang out.

  • Clare

    A few weeks ago, I was really drunk in the only straight bar in Chelsea, and I put “Alcohol” by Brad Paisley on the jukebox at 3:30 in the morning. I thought I would get chased out of the place with pitchforks, but everyone seemed to like it.

  • Donnie DiMauro

    Let’s hope Drudge spends most of his day with this instead of freaking out about black people voting.

  • RonMwangaguhunga

    If that were a hip-hop award show someone would be in traction.

  • JackieTreehorn

    Too bad Sara Evans didn’t win. Her acceptance speech would have been AWESOME.

  • Peter DeWolf

    Wow. Country singing chicks are kinda hot.

    Why was I not informed?

  • sumpnspicious

    For Peter DeWolf:

    We long time Country fans regret that you weren’t notified sooner. Country chicks have been hot for some time. When they aren’t out in front singing, they are enticing us like cage dancers. Check out the “Big & Rich” video “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy”. After that, you’ll be hooked.