Scantily Clad Musician Wins Scant Majority Of Vote

Nov 8th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Lost amid the clutter of yesterday’s major-race election results was the fact that Democrat John Hall–the former lead singer of ’70s soft-rock band Orleans–managed a narrow victory over his Republican opponent in New York’s 19th District race. Hall co-wrote hits like “Still The One,” “Dance With Me,” and “Maybe I Shouldn’t Be Posing Shirtless With A Bunch Of Other Band Members,” and used to write for Crawdaddy magazine. In fact, he’s still functioning as a music critic of sorts, according to an Editor & Publisher profile from a few months back:

In the final days of the 2004 presidential campaign, Hall saw a clip from a Bush rally in Columbus, Ohio, aired on Lou Dobbs’ CNN show and was appalled to hear “Still the One” playing in the background at the event. His permission to use it had not been sought or given. After wide press coverage via the AP, the Bush campaign promised to cease and desist. So John Hall can make one claim most already-elected Democrats cannot: He got President Bush to back down at least once.

Alas, Bush got him back earlier this year, when he trumpeted his new scaled-back immigration with a the similar-sounding jingle “Still The Juan.”


Rock Star Runs for Office: From Soundchecks to Sound Bites [Editor & Publisher]
Musician Defeats Republican In New York [AP]


  1. lucasg

    my folks used to play that album, on 8-track, in a blue 1974 ford LTD we had at the time. i always kind of liked it.

  2. Paul D

    What, no MP3s?

  3. Paul D

    PS: Did anyone see him on Colbert? They harmonized “Dance With Me.”

    Brought a tear to my eye.

  4. Paul D

    PPS: Ditto everything lucasg said, minus the LTD part.

  5. the rich girls are weeping

    Since I don’t have cable currently, this is totally the kind of news I depend on you, dear Idolator, to provide me. They totes did NOT mention this in the election coverage on NPR last night.

  6. mishaps

    Didn’t make the ep, but Colbert also harmonized with Hall on the national anthem ( ) with Colbert doing a reasonable impression of, um, a tuba.

  7. MJ

    Oh God, I remember that cover from a “Worst Album Covers Ever” feature somewhere on the internet. It had some covers from Nick DiFonzo’s site, and snarky commentary for each one of them.

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