The Vault: Riding The Early-’90s Highway With Swervedriver

Nov 8th, 2006 // 8 Comments

raise.jpgThe thick guitar rave-ups plastered all over Swervedriver’s 1991 album, Raise, are well-suited to the ever-messy Idolator flophouse. Since Raise has fallen out of print, we’d like to offer up two of its best tracks–the charged “Son Of Mustang Ford” was the song that caught Creation Records head Alan McGee’s ear, and the massive, gorgeous guitars on “Rave Down” are bliss-inducing.

Swervedriver – Son Of Mustang Ford [MP3, link expired]
Swervedriver – Rave Down [MP3, link expired]
Used and New: Raise [Amazon]


  1. Nicolars

    Raise is out of print? That’s so wrong…

  2. umlaut75

    Hey. One of my favorite albums! I had to give the wife a dressing down once as she decided the disc did not need to go into the case. i calmly explained the dynamics of it being OOP and how I didn’t feel like paying (through the nose) for it again. Thankfully, she got it and we are still married.

  3. nosebleed

    this really isn’t news that it’s “out of print”.
    it has been for some time.
    there’s plenty of the record circulating though…
    should be able to track one down on, Gemm or even

    so if you’re unfortunate enough to not own this record…
    first punch yourself in the face.
    and purchase “raise”

    and might i noted that “mezcal head” is good / but not AS good

    nothing beats “rave down”

  4. chaircrusher

    Oi! So y’all like something besides twee pop. Thanks for this! Swervedriver wasn’t just a great song-driven pop band, they were an absolutely monstrous live band. Much tasty mp3-age is available at

    Their major label US debut “Mescal Head” was kind of crap by comparison to what went before, and their next album never got released in the US, but man o man when those Creation EPs were coming out, once every few months, they could do no wrong!

    The main man Adam Franklin has been pursuing a sorta-solo project called Toshack Highway, and seems to have gotten his peculiar mojo back. There’s one geezer who will never slide comfortably into VH1 territory…

  5. nosebleed

    also – Jez from Swervedriver helped out an up and coming shoegaze outfit called Fleeting Joys by playing drums on their record – which like “Raise” is now out of print..

    check them out:

    they’re for sure worshipers of Kevin Shields and the entire Creation records era.

  6. zibby

    Some good Swervedriver news is that Ejector Seat Reservation has been easily available for a couple or years…go buy it now if you haven’t already. Also their “Greatest Hits” or whatever has a lot of Raise on it. Glad you mentioned them.

  7. Robyn

    RAISE actually was released in the U.S. in 1991. I interviewed them at Atlantic Records (I think that was the label) late that year for a (now, of course) defunct magazine, and I still have my promo copy.

  8. Ned Raggett

    A&M Records. Yeah, out of print for a while, sadly.

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