Listening Station: The Odds Are Pretty Good That You’ll Like The Evens

Nov 8th, 2006 // 7 Comments

evens.jpgFugazi’s Ian MacKaye doesn’t like to pimp himself out too much–his Dischord Records label refuse to do a lot of flashy ads or viral-marketing brand-management schemes or whathaveyou–so we barely got a heads-up about the new album from the Evens, an acoustic-punk duo that MacKaye formed a few years back with the Warmers’ Amy Farina. After listening to Get Evens non-stop yesterday, all we can say is: Damn, Ian! This record’s great, and it’s time to get a street team or something. Quiet, self-righteous modesty is so 1995.

The Evens – Everybody Knows [MP3, link expired]
The Evens – You Fell Down [MP3, link expired]
The Evens [MySpace]

  1. SlimShadenfruede

    I really like this record. My friend who is a Fugazi head, hated it so much and I didn’t understand why.

  2. lucasg

    i saw a live clip of these guys a little while back, and the sound quality wasn’t that good. this is the first i have heard a quality version of any of it, and i love it!! this has moved on to my must-buy list. oh, wow- ‘everybody knows’ has just made my day! i am nuts for it.

  3. SirLoin

    Everybody Knows is awesome!

    Roosterocker, your Fugazi-head friend probably doesn’t like it for the same reason I’m not crazy about it – we keep waiting for Ian to burst into one of his loud, shouty anthemic choruses, but it never comes. Blue balls.

  4. MTS

    Their show in Princeton a year or so ago was pretty mindblowing. Love Love Love this band. I think “No Money” is my favorite from the new album!

  5. Agro

    The recording and mixing on this new one really sounds awesome. It’s one of the reasons I liked the first record so much.

  6. Osloboditelj

    Not only is the new album great, their live show is astounding, and fairly different in character from most I’ve seen. I saw them a year ago in a squat that used to be a film academy in Amsterdam, and they played “Everybody Knows”, which is shaping up to be my favourite song on this record.

  7. goldstar4robotboy

    I need to get the new one.. My friend saw them in rome and got Ian and Amy to autograph it for me.

    nerrrrrd, i know

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