Noel Gallagher Attempts To Start Feud With Overzealous Record Packagers

image_mini.jpegEver-irritable Oasis leader Noel Gallagher is peeved again, this time about the dissipating magic surrounding rock and roll:

“Everyone just wants more and more information. All the fantasy’s gone out of music, ‘cos everything is too fucking real. Every album comes with a DVD with some cunt going, ‘Yeah well, we tried the drums over there, but…’ Give a shit, man! It makes people seem too human, whereas I was brought up on Marc Bolan and David Bowie, and it was like, ‘Do they actually come from fucking Mars?'”

He may have a point, you know–just look at how light posting in this Britpop slash community has been lately. After all, writing overheated prose about ex-Suede singer Brett Anderson’s sex life isn’t as fun when you can watch him work out songs in his cluttered living room.

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