Idolator Pleads: Do Your Patriotic Duty, And Don’t Vote For Us!

Nov 8th, 2006 // 1 Comment

We just found that we’ve been nominated for the 2006 Blender Reader’s Poll, which is like the Academy Awards for people who thought the last Jenna Jameson autobiography was “really hard to get through.” Anyway, we don’t have a shot at winning the damn thing, but even if we did, we’d still say: For God’s sake, don’t vote for us! In fact, don’t vote for anyone at all; the blog world has enough raging egos as it is, and more kudos are just gonna make that worse.

Instead, we ask that you relentlessly email AOL, demanding that they include a write-in candidate option; that way, we can all vote for SHOW US YOUR WIENER!, a delightful site that features pictures of wiener dogs wearing various costumes. It’s updated daily, and better yet, features zero references to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. If anyone deserves to win, they do.

The 2006 Blender Readers’ Poll

SHOW US YOUR WIENER! [Official Site Of Wiener Dogs]


  1. xtianrut

    Alright. You guys found it. Best site, with the best name, on the internet. Propers…

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