Bank Of America’s “One” Cover: Guaranteed To Leave A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

Nov 9th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Where to start with Bank of America’s retrofitting U2′s “One”? The couplets about personalized credit cards and kicking Capital One’s ass? The attempts to rhyme “card” and “world”? The name-dropping of corporate mucky-mucks? Shoot, we don’t even like “One” that much, but no song deserves this.

one bank [Vimeo, via The Sherman Foundation]


  1. joe bananas

  2. thugster

    i just had breakfast…here it comes, right back up…

  3. Buttermaker

    god oh god. please make it stop! THE PAUSE BUTTON DOESN’T WORK!!! AAAARRRRGGGhhh!
    Thank you volume control rampy thing. Thank you.

  4. Pete the Chop

    This is wrong on so many levels.

  5. GiantPanda

    that dude playing the guitar is SERIOUS

  6. jody

    man, how many hours did he spend writing and practicing that?

  7. ReluctantHipster

    Now, not so fast kids…This had to have been shot with at least two Steadicams, and the editing quick-cuts suggest someone with at least a basic grasp of Final Cut was behind this. The clear sound quality and the utter lack of any “wtf?” from the audience probably mean that, yep, we’ve been had by the most blog-ready viral marketing campaign since that Smirnoff WASP ad.

  8. rich36

    “We’ll live out our core values while the competition crawls”

    That’s so dead on corporate slimy it’s making my skin crawl.

    I don’t think that it’s a sham. Big corporate events tend to have the AV equipment for that sort of video so they can play the footage back at next year’s big meeting and show how much fun they had. Plus, they were name checking employees which I don’t think they’d necessarily do if it was just a covert attempt at a commercial. Plus, you’d have to pay royalties.

    No, I think it is what it is. When you get a group together for the big corporate meetings, that’s exactly the type of thing they seem to find amusing – the perversion of popular culture to promote the corporate agenda.

  9. Dbrze nam się czyta :-) blog dodany do ulubionych :)

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