Prince Veers Even Closer To Full-On Self-Parody

Nov 9th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Last night was the opening bash for Prince’s new Las Vegas nightclub, 3121; our invites were lost in the mail–we have a lot of “2″s and “U”s in our address, which always throws him off–but it sounds as though the funk purpetrator is now taking artistic direction from Fred Armisen:

“I like Las Vegas,” said a peach-suited Prince, during a sneak peek three song set featuring his signature wailing guitar solos and the 1984 hit “Purple Rain” that made him a superstar…

A rare giver of interviews, he appointed his Australian twin backup singer-dancers, known as The Twinz, as his official spokespersons on Wednesday. “He wants to bring raw, live music back to Las Vegas. He wants a more positive vibe,” Maya Mcclean, one of The Twinz, told reporters.

Elsewhere in the story: Prince hasn’t determined how long he’ll appear in the club; the restaurant next door, 3121 Jazz Cuisine, is being overseen by his personal chef; and because his preview show last night consisted of a mere three songs, it clocked in at just under four hours. But as much as we love the guy (and we really, really want to see this show), we’re starting to wonder if he’s getting a little looney-tunes, even for Prince: The Twinz? Is he for real? At this point, it’s only a matter of time until he starts communicating via a series of carrier pigeons. Very, very sexy carrier pigeons.

Prince launches purple Vegas reign [Reuters]


  1. janine

    None of these are new Prince behaviors. Anyone who doubts his deep reserves of cheesiness should watch Graffiti Bridge. Now the time he tarred and feathered Jerome Benton with honey and candy wrappers…

  2. DeeJayQueue

    I hope he does. Then someone will finally be able to figure out what Bjork’s been trying tell us.

  3. Penny Royalty

    My favorite part of that piece: “For a while he was dubbed ‘The Artist Formally Known as Prince.’” History is written by its typos!

  4. stopmikelupica

    Prince then exited the room to a 21-gun salute, followed by seven eunuchs in purple-and-gold capes carrying copies of the Codex Leicester.

  5. Anonymous

    i’m just hoping that sometime soon a minnesota team finds itself in a national championship type situation and we can convince prince to do the national anthem. how freaking cool would that be?!?!

  6. Mick Kraut

    The last time I was in Vegas I saw a Prince tribute act in some dumpy casino on the strip that made SLOTS ‘O’ Fun look like the Bellagio…it was called PURPLE RAIN (if you can believe it), the guy was a dead ringer for Prince, sounded great and was worth the 2 drink minimum…This act even had a Morris Day impersonator who played some of the classic tracks…

  7. deusdiabolus

    Apparently, the Jehovah’s Witnesses path leads to Las Vegas.

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